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About Us

History & Purpose

Welcome to The Eleutheran Newspaper Online service. We are currently in our 9th year of reporting news from across The Eleutheras to the world on a daily basis. As a modern community newspaper, we publish daily online, however, we value the need for a printed paper in our island community and are complemented by our Monthly printed 40 page newspaper which is distributed across the mainland of Eleuthera, on Harbour Island, on Spanish Wells and in select locations in New Providence. These two products combined with the semi-annual Eleutheran Magazine, helps us to fulfill our purpose of bringing the diverse townships of the Eleutheras together through our powerful mediums of communication. We help businesses introduce their products to the population stretched across 110 miles and nestled on different islands. We  highlight the positive taking place around us, and make everyone aware of issues that we face. 

As a community leader told us in July of 2013  "Please put this notice in the paper.  Everybody reads the paper.  Some say they don't go to church or they didn't see it on the notice board, but I know if I put it in the paper, everybody reads that!"

We hand deliver the printed paper to each of the communities, ensuring it is placed with a smile wherever it is welcomed.



At The Eleutheran, we're committed to heightening the profile of the island. We boldly display who we are as a community and what we do, to a global audience.  It is now the number one medium globally for, on, and about, the island of Eleuthera.


What we do

At The Eleutheran we are very proud of the work we do in publishing not only the hottest news stories, but also our policy of showcasing the very best of our communities within the Eleutheras, their accomplishments, beauty, and activities with highlights of our people, schools, churches and community organizations at no cost.

Our managing team mandates annually that we, above all else, serve the communities throughout The Eleutheras – from Harbour Island and Spanish Wells to Wemyss Bight and Bannerman Town.


Publisher: Spice Media Group

Elizabeth Bryan, B.B.A

V. J. Bryan, Ph. D.

All we accomplish at The Eleutheran Newspaper, is not possible without the effective bridge we’ve formed with the wider Eleuthera community who in large numbers volunteer their time to help us share information from within each of the communities across our magnificent 110 miles of land and the water that separates us. These volunteers are: writers, photographers, community leaders, neighbours, teachers and many others who all contribute to the content we publish daily.

Governing Board and Membership:  Not applicable.


Office Location:
Cupid's Cay
Governor's Harbour, CEL
Phone: 1-242-422-9350
Fax: 1-242-332-2993
25° 11' 33.612" N, 76° 15' 0.1512" W


Please Address Letters,
Opinions and Commentary to:

Editor, The Eleutheran
P. O. Box EL-25166
Governor's Harbour
Eleuthera, The Bahamas

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